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Affiliate Program


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  • Posted 7th May 2019, 10:38 PM
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You may have heard of affiliate program, so what do you know about affiliate type of business in the internet marketing? Next question will be how then you can use internet marketing to earn income online? Now you have to look into the concept of affiliate program as it is simply a kind of marketing strategy to you creating income online or offline as well. As the internet business grows and given the access of free email services, the possibility of making use of such technology to reach out millions of people worldwide who desire to purchase products and services online. You can be the one putting income in your pocket if you utilize affiliate program without even having your own products or keeping stocks.

What if you are having your own product to sell? You also can tap on affiliate program so as others will be doing the selling and you can profit with it. So if you are really intending to be doing affiliate business with internet marketing online then you will need to draw more people to your site as to subscribe your newsletter as opt-in subscribers. It is better to utlize the option of double opt-in for subscribers as to confirm the acceptance of receiving newsletter from your site. This confirmation is important as you do not want to be accused of spamming their email addresses since with double opt-in confirmation shows that they have agreed to receive emails from your site.

As you may have known, there is a law that you require to get permission from the addressee to receive any form of emails from you and also you must include an option for the addressee to cancel their permission should they desire not to receive any further newsletter from your site. There are many affiliate marketing program online offering you the option of joining their lists. As you may have gone through some sites online where you have a popup asking you to subscribe their newsletter. This sort of subscription is known as single opt-in. This means they will capture your email and put in the list and they will have the rights to send newsletter through your email address. As a thumb rule, please do read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of that site before agreeing to subscribe.

The best sort of affiliate program will be targetted marketing of the site itself. As targetted affiliate, it means there are a higher chance of getting sales with your online promotion since the people that opt-in your newsletter are interested in the products you are selling. If you are ready to create your affiliate program, you will need to do reseach on sites where you can convert into sales. Internet is a place where it is filled with buyers and sellers. With the right strategy and products marketing, you will benefit with profits.

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Luang Poo Yiam - Thai Monk


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  • Posted 23rd April 2019, 8:47 PM
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Luang Poo Yiam Wat Nang, Bangkok passed away at the age of 94, on 29th April BE2469.

Luang Poo Yiam or Jow Koon Dtow is a very famous monk in Thailand, especially to those who like to collect his Kreung Rahng(magical items) and rian amulets. Luang Poo Yiam's rians are the top amulet in the series of BenJaPahKeeRian; the Great Five Rians. 

Luang Poo Yiam was borned in Bangkok on the 5th August BE2375, during the 3rd King Regime. At the age of 9, Luang Poo Yiam began his formal studies at Wat Nang. Later, when he was 11 years old, Luang Poo Yiam went to study at Wat Bowan, and after sometime, he moved to Wat RahtBurRaNa to continue his studies. At the age of 19, Luang Poo Yiam was ordained as a novice at Wat Nang for a short period. 

When Luang Poo Yiam was 22 years old, he became amonk at Wat RahtOhRaSahRahm, and his preceptor was Pra SutTuMaTeRa (Gert). Pra TamMaJaDee (Jeen) and Pra Ah Jahn Rort, Wat Nang Norng were his Dhamma teachers. Later on, Luang Poo Yiam also studied Dhamma under Pra PahWaNahGohSon(Rort), Pra TamMaJaDee and Pra SangWonWeMon(Men).

Luang Poo Yiam was a very hard-working monk, and very soon he was promoted to Pra BaiKiGah(monk title) and subsequently became Pra PaLatTahNuKrom (monk title).

Then Luang Poo Yiam reached 16th PanSah(rain retreat), the 5th King bestowed the title of Pra Kru to Luang Poo Yiam. Luang Poo Yiam returned to Wat Nang and became the abbot of Wat Nang. 

In BE2442, Luang Poo Yiam attained the title Pra RahChahKaNa. 

Luang Poo Yiam was a monk who has observed the precepts of a monk strictly. He has never accepted material things given to him by the lay people, except those which were meant to build Wat Nang. Many people respected Luang Poo Yiam, and his metta travelled both far and near, such that many people would bring their children to be ordained under Luang Poo Yiam. The 5th King was one who respected Luang Poo Yiam very much and treated Luang Poo Yiam as his teacher. Luang Poo Yiam has ever taught the 5th King a special kathah for Metta MahaNiyom (Loving-Kindness), and the 5th King would always use this kathah where ever he go. This kathah is called Kathah ItTiPiSoh Rian Dteui: 

"It Ti Pi Soh We Se Se It 
It Se Se Put Tat Nah Me It 
It Me Nah Put Tat Dta Soh It 
It Soh Dta Put Tat Pi Dti It" 

Luang Poo Yiam has never felt arrogant due to the attention and his popularity, instead he always mentioned that he was just an ordinary monk, and was not as good as any of his teachers who had taught him Dhamma. 

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Anti Virus


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  • Posted 22nd April 2019, 9:20 PM
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Most people do not understand the importance of anti-virus. When ask about whether or not you should be install, you might answer - No as you feel that it is unnecessary as you think nothing can happen to your PC or handphone. This is always the wrong conception as you can never tell when you will be affected. When it happens, it will be too late especially if you have important documents or work stuff in storage. Once your computer or handphone is infected, it is unlikely you will be able to recover your data. One example is like when you are infected by Ransomware, it  will encryt your data and ask to pay for recovery. But even if you make the payment, there is no guarantee of retrieve your data as it might already be corrupted.

About Spyware

What do you understand about Spyware? It is just a computer software and when being installed in your computer or handphone, it will intercept or control your interaction without your knowledge. The danger of being infected by spyware is that you will not know whenever you access online banking with your username and password, it will be made known to that person who implanted the spyware. Unknowingly to you, that person will have accessed to your banking details and can make online transaction using your information. This is different from computer virus where it will not destroy your data or spreading across the network. It will only be contained in your system or handphone and steal important info that you maybe using your device to transmit data or logging into banking or secure system as it will be known to that person who had installed the spyware.

Window users are often being attacked by spyware as well as other threats may move to other O/S platforms like Apple, Unix or Linux that are less likely to be targetted by malware or virus. Realistically speaking, those platforms are not entirely full-proof as it may has security holes being exploited. As spyware is hidden together with some programs and without your knowledge, you might have downloaded the program from Internet or purchase the software in CD. It will be your nightmare once the spyware installed in your PC or handphone since it will invade your privacy. It will provide the intruder all information you had in PC or handphone like email addresses, passwords, banking details and even credit card numbers when you use it online. This danger of spyware does not stop at collecting your private information as it allows intruder to control your device. The person will be able to install other software, control browser to display sites for advertising revenue.

Windows Updates and Patches

With all dangers that users can face using Windows O/S, Microsoft has a team of programmers to constantly monitoring bugs, security holes and fix patches where it will allow automatic updates for user's PC system. Users will have the options of when they want to install as they can set the time of updating the latest fixes and patches. A word of advice, please do update as soon as possible or you may have a security breach without knowing. Patches are available for a variety of Microsoft software that includes Windows O/S, Microsoft Office package as well as Internet Explorer. At times, the updates may affect your other software but you can easily remove the non-essential patches that affect your software under the Updating System in the Control Panel.

Use of anti-virus program

The main purpose of anti-virus software program installation is to pre-detect and removal of any intrusion of virus, trojans, spyware, malware and other malicious attacks in your computer or handphone. Some of the anti-virus software can pre-detect some intrusion before it can infect your system whereas others more malicious software including spyware, malware, trojans, etc. The protection program will help you to remove these attacks by rebooting the system or just cleaning / deleting the virus, spyware, trojans, etc. Depending on individual anti-virus software where it comes with limitation of protection as well as upgrade. Example is some software charge for upgrade while others do not and limit its detection of intrusion. So you may require to have different protection software to safeguard your system. As you maybe know about Adware that cause alot of problem for users especially when using their browsers. This adware appears to be the same like viruses as it promotes advertisement through browsers and emails. This software mainly focus on making money via advertisement. Some better anti-virus software provide detection of adware and stop it from appearing in emails or browsers.

Smart Security

Be safe with your data on PC, laptop or handphone. Using this software allows you to have this features:

- Allow your files or data to be encrypted in case of robbery or missing.

- With its multilayered protection technology, you will be secured against ransomware or other forms of malware.

- Comes with both anti-virus and anti-spyware protection against any digital attacks like viruses, worms, spyware, trojans and others.

- It is designed to stop attacks against programs that evade anti-virus detection like ransomware.

- It has advanced memory scanner to detect multi-layers of encryption of malware that conceal its activity.

- It has the function of scanning while your computer in idling without compromising your system performance.

- It also has the UEFI scanner that protects in a deeper level before Windows starts against threats.

- It pre-scan all download files to reduce scanning time without compromising system performance.

- It also comes with cloud-powered scanning with a safe whitelisting to stop unknown malware.

- Protects against any malicious scripts like Javascripts that attack against your browsers.

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Famous Thai Monk - Luang Poo Suk


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  • Posted 21st April 2019, 9:00 PM
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Luang Poo Suk Gesaroh Wat Makhamtow passed away on 21st January BE2466 at the age of 76.

Pra Kru WiMonKuNaGon or Luang Poo Suk GeSaRoh was borned at Moo Bahn Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow, Ampher WatSing, Jangwat ChaaiNaht. 

His father was named Nuam and mother was Torng Dee. He was borned on 14th October BE2390 during the 4th King Regime.

When Luang Poo Suk was 10 years old, his mother sent him to GrungTep(Bangkok) to be raised by his uncle. Luang Poo Suk remained in GrungTep until he got married to a very beautiful woman who bored him a son. When Luang Poo Suk reached the age for ordain, he went to Wat PohTorngLahng and was ordained as a monk. His preceptor was Pra UPaChaYaCui JanNaTaSiRi. His ordain's name was called GeSaRoh. 

Luang Poo Suk studied Dhamma and Sammahdti at Wat PohTorngLahng until he was ready to go Tudung. He met many teachers during his Tudung and he learned Wichah(magic) from them. One of the teachers who taught him Wichah was Pra Ah Jahn ThumWuaDaeng.

Pra Ah Jahn ThumWuaDaeng was also the teacher who has ever taught Luang Por Ngern Wat Bahng Klahn Jangwat PiJit, who was famous for his Pra Pidtah Pim Khee Dtah.

Luang Poo Suk went back to his hometown after many years in Tudung. His parents who has waited many years for his return, asked Luang Poo Suk to remain at Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow. Luang Poo Suk obeyed his parents and stayed at Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow until he became the abbot of the village's temple; Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow. Luang Poo Suk rebuilt Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow, from a small village temple to a large and beautiful temple. 

Luang Poo Suk has many disciples, both ordained and lay disciples. One of his lay disciple who was very close to Luang Poo Suk was GromLuangChumPron KhetUDomSak who was the son of the 4th King. Luang Poo Suk taught him everything he knew about Dhamma and Wichah. 

Luang Poo Suk was very famous for his Wichah. One of his abilties was that he could change the sizes and shapes of an object. There was one day, an large group of merchants, stopped by at Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow to rest. During those days, merchants used elephants as a mean of transport as well as to carry their goods. 

While the merchants wanted to cook their meals at the temple, but realised that they did not bring along enough meat. Some of the villagers, jokingly asked them why don't they use their rifles to shoot at the pigeons at the temple, so that they could have pigeon meat for their dinner. One of the merchants took the joke seriously, and started to fire his rifle at the pigeon, but the rifle failed to fire. The villagers stopped him, and told him that Luang Poo Suk prohibit anyone to kill living things in the temple. That merchant refused to listen and seeing that the rifle failed to fire, he raised his cross-bow and fire the arrow at the pigeon. The arrow flied off, but dropped at a short distance, without hitting the pigeon. This merchant became very angry and started to shout: "The abbot of this temple has what great power?" 

Luang Poo Suk as if he could hear the merchant from his KuTi(hut) far away, he came out from his kuti with hands carrying an empty coconut husk. Luang Poo Suk went to the gazing field. He chanted a certain kathah on to the coconut husk, and then point towards the direction where the merchants' elephants were gazing. Miraculously, the elephants were reduced into houseflies and Luang Poo Suk covered the houseflies with the empty coconut husk. 

The next morning, when the merchants were to set off their journey, they could not find their elephants. They quckly went to Luang Poo Suk and told him that their elephants have been stolen. Luang Poo Suk preached them precept of not killing of living beings: "If you kill a living being, the living being will feel pain. This is similar to the pain of losing your elephants." Luang Poo Suk taught them the Dhamma and asked them to practise good deeds instead of bad deeds. The merchant then realised that it was Luang Poo Suk who was behind the strange happenings the previous day. 

Luang Poo Suk led them out from his Kuti and went to the gazing field. Luang Poo Suk chanted a kathah and removed the coconut husk and the houseflies turned into elephant one more time. 

This ability to change objects into different sizes and shapes was one of Luang Poo Suk Wichah. He has never taught any person this Wichah, except GromLuangChumPron, his favourite lay disciple and GromLuangChumPron has never taught anyone until he passed away on the same year as Luang Poo Suk. 

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Affiliate Program


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  • Posted 18th April 2019, 11:46 PM
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There are numerous types of affiliate marketing programs you can find online like the auction type for buyers and sellers to advertise for web publishers. If you are interested in learning about this topic, please do read further about this article as you may discover some useful information that can be helpful to you in creating your own affiliate program or simply joining them instead. As you may have known, there is an affiliate program called as Admarketplace where it allows publishers to earn some sort of income on the site that shown in their network online.

They are affiliate marketing site where they are linked with publishers to create as much content online in their network and they can use that niche content for advertisers in return. Therefore, they are creating a site where both publishers and advertisers to gain from it to have the unique targetted ads for the market place. With this sort of program, publishers will be able to add link on the site that can soon have prospective advertisers as partners or co-branding in the network. As a publisher, you can gain revenue for the ads marketing network as advertisers that sign up in this program. This has a potential of generating a huge amount of income depending on how much work you want to put to achieve your goal.

This sort of affiliate program will handle all the necessary backend job for publishers to leverage it across the network to gain as much profit as possible with the ad space from the advertisers. This sort of program allows publishers to handle their own inventory to create a much more long term annuity with advertisers. The network itself is fully transparent to all advertisers with regards to competitive bids, ads as well as their URL links. This sort of advertising based on cost per click ads are being rotated among unique users for top bottom down bidders in their targetted audience in their network. This type of network are fully functional with integration of all ad-serving platforms that do not require any configuration.

To know more about different types of affiliate programs can be sort of a challenge but as long as you can figure out how it operates, in the end you will be satisfied with the revenue that you can generate with it. This will be definitely thrilling for any beginners in the affiliate programs as they can start making money in return. You can find out more of such affiliate programs in websites, books, magazine or other sources and you will discover each crucial points of earning opportunities. Pay attention when you are learning as you will be most excited when you can accomplish with affiliate program.

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